Sunday, February 16, 2014

Airplanes and Fear

In March I will be attending a conference for work in Miami.  I am super excited to go but there are two things about this trip that are giving me anxiety and both have to do with airplane travel.  The first is that at 28 years old I have never flown.  Ever.  I think it is the fear of the unknown that makes me the most nervous but also the fact that I will be flying without Brent and Madelynn adds to my anxiety.

The second is that I have heard horror stories about airlines kicking people off planes because they are overweight or charging them for an extra seat.  My anxiety about this got so bad last week that I went online and actually read about the width of airline seats, policies, etc.  I then got my measuring tape out and measured how wide the seats of an airplane are and trying to see if I would fit.  Brent saw me doing all of this and asked me what was going on.  I lost it.  I sobbed and told him that not only was I scared to fly but I was scared they wouldn't let me on the plane because I was too fat.  I think what made me the most upset is that I let myself get to a point where my weight can truly hold me back.

Brent tried to calm my fears and it was his idea to write a blog post about it.  I do feel a little better about it but I am still stressing about flying.  I have made a significant change in my body and it will crush me if I am not allowed to fly because of my weight.  In the end, all I can do is keep progressing in a positive direction and leave it to God. 

If anyone has any feedback regarding flying that can calm my fears it would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time,


Monday, February 3, 2014

30 miles, 30 Days

Y'all I am so glad January is over.  It was a really tough month for me physically and mentally.  I was in a funk for over half of the month but as I wrote last week I am getting my head back in the game.  In order to keep my momentum I am doing 30 miles in 30 days.{I got this idea from a fellow blogger I follow on instagram @frompregnantomarathon}  I am going to commit to running 1 mile a day from Feb 4th-March 5th. {I am starting on Tuesday because I am trying to get over a cold} During these 30 days I am also going to do strength training 3-4 times a week as well.

I am doing this challenge so I won't focus on weight loss as my only measurement of success.  It is so hard not to let that number control my life!  I am also hopeful that I will increase the pace of my mile.  Last week I had a 15 min mile and maybe I can shave a few minutes off my time in the 30 days.  I will be posting progress updates on my instagram (@assignmentamanda) throughout the challenge.

I hope that you will join me!

Until next time,