Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: Couples Edition

I am a weigh-in Wednesday newbie but here it goes.

I technically wrote this post in my head over the weekend but am finally getting around to putting it on the blog. To back track a little bit, I recently celebrated my 9 year wedding anniversary and all I asked for was Brent to workout with me twice a week.  He hates working out but after I got all choked explaining how I wanted him to take care of himself so we can be old geezers together he agreed, even though he stated many times he would not enjoy it.  Due to crazy schedules and pure laziness we have not worked out together yet. {Don't worry, it will start this week}

Fast forward to last Thursday, I was in a bad place mentally and inside my head I was shouting "someone freaking just tell me what to eat because I am tired of trying to figure it out!"  So I Googled clean eating meal plans and found this plan HERE.  It seemed doable so I printed it out and brought it home.   I asked Brent if he would do this 90 day challenge with me and he agreed.  {Moment of truth, although I have all of you for support, I have been feeling really alone so I was a little emotional when he said yes.}

So I went and bought everything I needed to start this 90 day challenge on Sunday.  After following the plan for a couple of days we have figured out that we need to tweak it a bit, oh and neither of us can choke down plain non-fat Greek yogurt.  So I guess you would say we are using the meal plan as a guide to clean eating.  We have sworn to no cheats and will be there to hold each other accountable.

With all that said, back to the weigh-in Wednesday.  So we are doing initial weigh-in and measurements and will check-in at the 30, 60 and 90 day mark.  {fingers crossed I see results!}

Here are our current stats...

Weight: 347 lbs
Neck: 18 in
Chest: 55.5 in
Stomach: 61
R Arm: 17.75 in
L Arm: 17.5 in
R Thigh: 30 in
L Thigh: 30.5 in

Weight: 314.8 lbs
Bust: 53 in
Waist: 52.5 in
Midline: 54.5 in
Hips: 58.75 in
R Arm: 19 in
L Arm: 19.25 in
R Thigh: 28.5 in
L Thigh: 28 in

How did your weigh-in Wednesday go?


  1. Love love that you are doing this as a couple - so that you can be geezers together! Keep linking up with WIW as well so we can support you too.

  2. I totally get where you are coming from when your feeling alone in the process. Your natural instinct is to turn to your best friend, your hubby for help, advice, support. Working out and eating well all the time isn't that fun and is very challenging when you go at it alone. It's almost like, and don't take offense to this please, this is a way I personally feel; it's like being an addict of something trying to get clean yet still hanging out with addicts. My biggest weakness... sweets. I make sure to not bring the snacks into the house I like for the kids or they end up being eaten by me. I have had such a hard last few months, I haven't been able to go to the gym & clean eating has been very difficult because of our schedules with Lanie's tball. Since march, I have gained back EVERY pound I lost plus some. Today I weigh more than I did when I delivered Jesse. I try not to get on the scale much because I can become obsessive. So this week I have started eating clean lunches again and attempting clean breakfasts. We have one more week of tball and then I can focus on myself again. I used to feel guilty about my gym time, I felt like I already spend SO much time away from the kids at work and hated taking more time away. But, I want to be around for everything in my kids lives so, I need to be the healthiest version of me that I can be. I struggle because Scott doesn't give me that push I need always. I love that he loves me no matter what I look like but sometimes when I talk about gaining it all back I don't want to hear I'm beautiful, etc no matter what I want to hear a, quit feeling sorry for yourself, put down the soda & candy bar & get your ass in the gym then lol I think this is fantastic that you are going to work together toward your goals, I think it will be great for MJ to see y'all working together on it and will help her make healthier choices more easily as she grows into an adult. Keep up the hard work!!

  3. Bless you both for doing this together! I can't seem to stick to anything because I have trouble balancing what I need to be doing AND keeping the hubs happy. At times I feel depressed and hopeless. Best wishes to you both!

  4. Supporting each other goes a long way to ultimate success! Looking forward to watching you get closer and closer to your goals and cheering you both on! You can do it! You are so worth it!

  5. This is so great that you both are on a weight loss journey together! I'm trying to get Mr. M to get fit with me but he is always either tired or busy. I think with him and I working out together it would keep us both on track.

    I weighed myself today and have lost 5 pounds since last week. Good luck to you both!

  6. Good for you two!!! You need that support from each other to get where you want to be!! So proud of you for putting it all out there!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!! xoxo

  7. This is so great!! I am sure my ball and chain would love for me to just ask for working out on our anniversary haha I look forward to seeing your progress! This texan is rooting for you both :)

  8. That's amazing that you're doing this together. I can't wait to see your progress! :)

  9. That is so great that you guys are doing it together!! My husband is very supportive, but sometimes he is a big kid when it comes to getting healthy. I just finally told him that I wanted us to both be around, and that if we wanted to have a family I needed to get healthy. I wish sometimes that he was as motivated as I was, but what I realized is that he is motivated in other areas. So we balance each other out. I am excited to follow you in your journey.


  10. That's great you're trying to be healthy together! A buddy really can make a difference. I've never had a health buddy, and I bet that would make it so much easier! Good luck to you both!

  11. I am excited for you and your husband to start this journey! I cannot wait to see your progress. Good luck!

  12. can we talk about how stinken cute your hair is!!!! That top picture is an eye grabber! Love love love it!!! even in your before picture..... it is so cute!!! so can we please talk about how cute your hair is? ha ha... Im excited about your journey... Im looking forward to following along and encouraging you.

  13. I am just finally beginning to like plain non fat greek yogurt. It's an acquired taste. Good luck with your plan. You are totally doing it right. It should be used as a guideline and not a strict regime. Life happens.

  14. That is SO neat that you and your hubby are doing this together - I think it would be almost impossible if only one of you wanted to and the other didn't! I totally hear you on the greek yogurt! Can you find the vanilla greek yogurt? It's really good and I don't think it's any add fat or anything. Can't wait to follow along on your journey!!!!! BTW I love a good weight loss journey, or any journey!

  15. How awesome you two are doing it as a couple! And I hear ya on the plain Greek yogurt. I can't do it either. I have to buy those 80-100 calorie ones. They taste so much better.

  16. Never feel alone. Always know that you can reach out as we too are slowly heading down the weight loss road. -Adam & Melanie
    p.s. we are so proud of you, everyday, and the example you are setting for MJ and all the women who look up to you.

  17. So glad that hubby is on board with you! I sure wish I could convince mine to get back to it too!

  18. Is your hubby on board with you now?! I need tips on how to motivate mine lol. Also, if you add a little splenda and cinnamon to plain greek yogurt, it's not bad :)