Thursday, November 6, 2014

Balance is the key

I wanted to share a makeup look and outfit that I wore last week that I thought really balanced each other.

First let's examine the outfit.

The outfit is rather plain and neutral. I wore this outfit on a day that I knew I was going to be on my feet a lot at work.    The top and bottoms are both from Lane Bryant, the shoes are Payless.  I kept the accessories simple just my wedding rings, anniversary band, and pearl earrings.  Because the outfit was simple I knew I wanted to create a more dramatic look with my makeup.

Let's take a look at the makeup.

I pulled my hair back in a poofy half up do (because I do not have time for elaborate makeup and hair on the same day).  With my hair pulled back I wanted all the focus to be on my eyes.  So I kept the shadow neutral and rocked a heavy wing.  Lucky for me the wing gods smiled upon me and they came out crisp and even.  I finished the look off with a soft pink blush and a nude pink lip because it was all about the eyes.

For everyday wear your look should be balanced.  If your outfit is simple play up your features with your makeup.  If your outfit is bold I recommend keeping your makeup more neutral so the look isn't screaming "hey everybody look at me" in a negative way. You don't want to look excessive and over done, like you are desperate for attention.  Find a good balance and work it!

Would you wear this look?


  1. Fashionista!!! Your make-up looks great--the whole thing looks beautiful!! I'm always in such a rush that I don't take the time to play around with new make-up looks:( You look so pretty!!

  2. So when are you coming to Ohio so you can do my make-up? Well basically be my stylist??

  3. I love your makeup! So pretty! I wish I could do my makeup that well!

  4. Have you done any make-up tutorials yet? Love to see some! Especially that "wing". NO chance I could make that happen!

  5. I would totally wear that look if I had the makeup skillz :) You look great!