Friday, March 28, 2014

Birthday Presents: Losing my Etsy Virginity and a Giveaway

So I did a really terrible job at telling Brent what I wanted for my birthday this year.  There was just not really anything out there I was dying for.  So while laying in bed one night I decided to browse Etsy for the 5849522 time.  I had looked around so many times but never ordered anything.  So I decided that I wanted to order my own birthday presents (I think Brent was glad he got a pass) and gave into my Etsy desires.  Here is what I Brent got for me.

Vintage dictionary art from Retro Book Art.  I love vintage things and this was right up my alley.  These were buy 2 get 1 free.  (This is the free one I got for Brent, here)

Wooden monogram from League of Letters.  I plan on putting this above our bed, I just can't figure out what color to paint it!

Have you ever hear of  They have all kinds of boutiques that list their items for a fraction of the price.  I got these items form there.

Navy chevron purse from Tinley Laityn.  I paid less than half price for this, including shipping.

Initial 2 tone necklace from the Silver Loft.  This is an Etsy shop but I found them on Jane.  I just got this necklace and cannot wait to wear it.  I got an M on it because I think it is super cute to wear your kids initials on jewelry.

So why am I telling you about all these cute things.  It is because I am giving you a chance to win a $25 Etsy gift card from me.  You can enter the giveaway below and can choose how you want to follow me.  The giveaway ends Monday night, I will announce the winner and email them their gift card on Tuesday 4/1.

Have you ever purchased from Etsy?  What was your most favorite purchase? a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: All of these items I found on my own and purchased with my hard earned money. Not getting paid for this, I am just sharing some cute stuff I found.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am still alive....

Hey y'all I am still here.  Since my last post things have been slightly hectic.  Let me see if I can accurately recap what has been going on.

1.  My first 8 week session of this semester ended on 3/7/14 and it could not have come at a better time.  I was at the end of my rope.  If you follow me on instagram (@assignmentamanda) then you saw that I made A's in BOTH of those classes. Holla!  This is rare for me.  I just started my second 8 weeks and I think it is going to be much easier.

2.  I turned 29 and had a really nice low-key birthday.  I will be sharing the gifts I got along with an Etsy gift card giveaway on Friday so be sure to check back.

3.  I took my first plane ride to the beautiful city of Miami.  About a month ago I wrote about my anxiety about flying and not being able to fit into the plane seat.  (Read that HERE). I am more than happy to report that I actually like flying and I had absolutely no problems sitting in the seat.  My views from the hotel were absolutely beautiful and the weather was gorgeous.  I went for business but will definitely visit again for funzies.

Excuse the no make-up face but I had to take a selfie to document my first plane ride

Right outside of my hotel.  
4.  I threw Brent a 30th birthday party.  He is simple so we just had a small gathering of friends and family at the house.  A good time was had by all.  His response was "I didn't even know that I wanted something like this and I am glad I got it."  I guess I did good.  Honey, if you are reading this just know I am still expecting my 80's themed bash next year!
My whole heart

5.  I had another meeting with my personal trainer and it was awesome.  I walked out of there feeling like a BAMF.  I have one more session with her this Friday and I will be on my own.  I would love to continue with her but at $70 a session it's not gonna happen.  She understands this and has given me some foundation that I can build on.

6.  My C25K training has been slacking.  However, yesterday I got back at it and jogged for 3 minutes straight TWICE.  It was ugly but I am counting it as a win.  I have exactly one month until my Color Run so I need to start being a little more serious about getting my runs in.

What have you been up to lately?

Until next time,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ch Ch Changes

I have hit my first plateau.  For the past 2 months I have hovered at a 30 lb weight loss.  One week I will see a little loss and the next week I am back to where I started.  I am really tired of spinning my wheels so I decided to change it up.

My eating isn't terrible but it could stand to be cleaned up some more so I quit WW. (Don't freak out on me now, there is method to my madness).  I quit WW for a couple of reasons.  I think it is a really good tool for beginners.  It allows you to gain control over your eating and teaches healthy eating habits.  However, now I know what I should be eating and how to listen to my body and the point system really doesn't correlate when everything else is based of off calories and nutritional value.  So I switched over to My Fitness Pal.  I made this switch so I could start tracking calories as well as proteins, carbs, etc. Plus I wanted to put the $18.95 a month I spend on WW towards another monthly subscription.

So I joined a gym.  I mainly joined so I would have access to heavier weights and have a place to run if it was cold and/or rainy (this is Texas, I never know what the weather is going to do).  When I signed up, I also signed up for a few sessions of personal training.  I need someone to show me more exercises I can do on my own.  I already had one session with my PT and can't wait for the next (I have been sick and had to postpone my second session).  

With these modifications I have made I am starting to see some changes in my weight/body and hope they continue.  The bigger picture with these changes is to not only jump start my weight loss again but I want to be more confident in the gym setting and build strength.  I want to feel like a BAMF no matter what size or what weigh I am.   

Have you ever hit a plateau in your fitness?  What did you do to get past it?

Until next time,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spiritual Sunday: Forgiveness

Last Sunday at church the homily (sermon) was about forgiveness.  The heart of the message was that forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting and that we will be called to forgive transgressions again and again as the hurt resurfaces.  As I sat in the pew my eyes filled with tears because this has been all to true for me.  Those that I love the most have hurt me deeply.  They are able to hurt me deeply because I love them so much.  I cannot forget what was done and some days I am called to forgive those transgressions against me again and hand it over to God.

Although those words filled my heart that day they became more powerful last Thursday.  After returning to the office after being out ill the day before I was slammed with tons of work, helping to orient a new employee, stress of school, stress of being at a weight loss plateau, etc.  It was all so heavy on me that day, everything.  If you follow me on instagram (@assignmentamanda) you saw this pic.

After the end of a long day I couldn't take it anymore. On the way home I cried because of stress at work, I cried because of stress with school, I cried because of how much time I have had to sacrifice because I didn't finish college right after high school, I cried because I let my weight get so out of control, I cried because I have not made any weight loss progress in 2 months, I cried because I hurt so deeply inside from the transgressions I have made against myself.

After the tears finally stopped the words from that homily began to ring true in my heart.  Through all those times I have forgiven others for their transgressions against me I have never forgiven myself. In order to move forward on my journey I need to forgive myself for things that I have done to me and when I am feeling that the hurt again I need to forgive myself again.  I will keep doing this until I don't feel that hurt anymore.

With this said I encourage you to reflect on what you haven't forgiven yourself for and start the process of forgiveness.  When it resurfaces later in life (and it will) I encourage you to forgive yourself again.  Forgiveness is a very powerful thing and it is not a one time/one step process..

Until next time,

You can listen to the homily referenced in this post by visiting Father Ryan's website HERE.  His words always reach my heart and encourage me to be better.