About Me

Hi I'm Amanda!  I was born and raised in Texas and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  I married my high school sweetheart in 2005 and we welcomed our daughter, Madelynn Jae, into the world on 12/27/08.  Being a wife and mother are my top priority.  Aside from being a wife and mother I also call myself a career woman.  I am one of those "I can have it all women" and most days it works out. As if that wasn't enough responsibility I am also completing my Bachelor's degree.


I am an old soul, I like the idea of a simpler time and adore all things antique/vintage.  For fun I like to watch funny movies, shop (a little too much), hang out with loved ones and work on my photography skills.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with me, don't be shy!  You can email me at assignmentamanda@gmail.com.

Thanks for following my blog!


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    1. Thanks Desiree, I love reading your blog too!

  2. Looking forward to following along! :)

  3. Hi Amanda. I'm MJ from the SGBC #tribedare. Nice to get to know you and to follow your journey.