Sunday, November 16, 2014


So over the last two weeks I have really not been tracking or working out consistently and I really want to be 289.9 by Thanksgiving.  I am at 294.5 right now. So I am taking a page out of Dwayne Johnson's book.

and because he is just so damn sexy (that smile though) I added this one too.

I am going to really focus on tracking and weighing everything and hitting the gym EVERYDAY.   Brent has decided that he is going to join the gym, so we are going to start lifting together during lunch.  I am so excited that he is willing to take this step I will sacrifice anything, even if that means looking ratchet the remainder of the day at work.

I have a really bad habit of doing really well for a week or so and then hit a road bump and get off target.  So hopefully with these changes I will form some long lasting habits.


  1. Girl, I'm in the exact same boat as you! We need to be accountability partners. I'm on fire for like a week or two and then I take a week off and eat all the foods. I feel like I'm constantly spinning my wheels. I'm committed to getting back on track this week though. I'm with you! I just need to focus. We can do it!

  2. I hear ya! I had a bad week last week, only made it to the gym twice. Now this week I was refocused and it snowed so Matt had to plow snow so that meant no morning classes. My goal is to make it the rest of the week, fingers crossed. If not I need to invest in something for home.

  3. Hi Amanda, I'm a recent new follower and I love your posts and ambitions! I myself was 331 at my highest (last weight before I popped out a kid!). I lost 30 lbs instantly then was on weight watchers for another 30 down. I could NOT get out of the 260's!!!! My lowest was 261. I got down about it and then fell into HAES and body positive blogs. I stopped doing anything and just lived life for a while but here I am gained 30 lbs back and am depressed with myself again. I was SO focused when I lost the inital 30 lbs and I told myself I was going back on WW 3 weeks ago, so far I've lost 4 lbs but I just feel like I work my Arse off and for what 2 lbs a week? *le sigh* I feel your pain. We're in the same boat here with the doing really well for a week and then falling of and having to start all over! Let's keep our heads in the game and eye on the goals!