Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivation Monday: Vacation is over!

So if you follow me in Instagram you know that I spent last week in Cali for work (picture blog post to come).  I went into the trip with best of intentions but in the end came out with about 6 lbs of bloat to work off.

I started my first day off in Cali with a trip to the gym and a good high protein breakfast that I tracked in MFP.  I tried to stay within my calorie range at the very least but by the end of the trip temptation had a hold of me and my will power was non-existent.

To be honest I am not sure that I will ever be one of those people who travels and orders a salad.  I like to eat at local eateries or places that I don't have where I live and I like to order things that the restaurant is known for, etc.

But it is time to move on.  I know my goals and I know what I need to do to get to them.  I am planning on a very special anniversary present for Brent ( I can't say on here because he reads this occasionally)  and I am using that as my motivation to really stick to my meal plans and workouts.

I am going to continue tracking macros but I am going to clean up my food.  When I began IIFYM I was very particular about trying to eat certain food (unprocessed fresh foods) but as I have progressed I have become lazy about the types of foods I am eating.  Sure I can get it to fit my macros but the chemicals I think are hindering my progress.    So I am taking it back to the basics, if I can't grow it or slaughter it I shouldn't eat it.

What is motivating you today?
Kelsey @ Random Randts


  1. I am terrible on vacation as well. To me, part of the trip is trying out the local food!!

  2. I'm totally with you - vacation needs to be vacation!!! It's a new week!!! Thanks for linking up!! :)

  3. I always want to try the local foods too and it would be a shame not to. Everything is acceptable within moderation! Glad you had a great time though! :)