Wednesday, November 6, 2013


You are an obsession
I cannot sleep
I am your possession
I am sick in the head y'all.  I literally weigh myself a billion times a day, I am scale obsessed.  I will weigh myself first thing when I wake up, then after my shower and one more time before I put my clothes on for work.  If there was a scale at work I bet I would weigh myself there too. What a freak! Just for pure torture, I weigh myself in the evening also, multiple times. Pretty much anytime I see the scale I think "better check my weight".  Even Brent has asked "you are weighing yourself again?" Yes I am, don't judge me!

So I have held an intervention for myself.
I have started by cutting back to once every other day, baby steps.  Eventually I want to cut back to one weekly weigh-in and not obsess over that fricken number everyday of my life.
Moment of truth, I really just want to hurry up and lose all this weight but I must be patient.  I mean I didn't pack it all on in a couple of months it took years to wreck my body.
Have you ever been scale obsessed during weightloss?  Comment below with how you got over it.
Until next time,



  1. I used to be like you, weighing myself a couple times a day, but than I noticed that my mood seem to revolve around what the scale said. I realized I did not want a scale to rule my life. I no longer weigh myself. At the doctors office a look away when they weigh me.

    1. Hi Nicole, I agree the scale totally affects my mood. If I don't like the number I have a crappy day. I am making more of an effort to not let it reign over me but it is so hard. Thanks for reading and commenting!