Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Recap

Halloween is over and I made it all day without eating one piece of candy!  Halleluyer, thank you Jesus!  I did have some chips and queso but didn't over do it.

Anyway, we started our Halloween festivities on Sunday.  We took Madelynn to her school festival.

Madelynn was the cutest little bumblebee on the planet.  Look at that pose, DIVA!

She played games.
 She decorated a baby pumpkin.


They even had litter boxes for the potty-trained children.  Just jokes! It was a treasure hunt.

 She had so much fun she ended it with a candy induced coma.
Last night we took her trick or treating but after a long day in her costume and all day partying she decided she was done after a few houses. Can I get an AMEN!
Can't believe October is over but I am ready to tackle November.  I will be posting progress pics around the middle of the month so be sure to check back.
Until next time,
Prototype Mama

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