Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things My Daughter Has Said

The things kids say sometimes are crazy and random.  It either makes you almost wet your pants from laughing so hard or makes you want to die from embarrassment or slowly back away in fear.  Madelynn has been no exception to this fact.  For your entertainment I give you, Things My Daughter Has Said.

1. "When I grow up I wanna be a singer like Tom Petty."

2.  "Yea, my mom is always on the toilet."

3.  "I wanna be a grocery store girl when I grow bigger."

4.  "If my heart isn't clean then Jesus can't live there."

5.  "I am gonna marry a boy like my dad and they are going to be best friends and play video games."

6.  " Dad, when I get my purple gun I am gonna shoot those birds so they don't poop on our car."

7.  "Hey PopPop don't forget my purple smokes."

8.  " You smell that stinky funk?  I farted."

9. " These are my wrestling clothes, I am Nacho Libre and daddy is esqueleto."

10.  "Can we do a conga line after dinner?"

11. "Because I'm magical"

12.  Talking about her imaginary friend - "Anchor, yea he lives in the North Pole.  Ugh, he emails me all the time."

13.  My mom was describing this really crotchety lady that works at my sister's school and Madelynn pipes up with, "That sounds like my mom!"

14.  "Dad, I wish we had a rocket ship to go to outer space."

15.  "That car is being an idiot! They need to get out of our way!"

I could go on and on and I am sure I have forgotten some of the funnier ones.  I wish I had written them down.  

What are some funny, creepy, or cute things your kids have said?

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  1. How cute!!! They say kids and old people are the ones who always give it to us straight! Thank you for sharing :) Your little one sounds adorable! :)