Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who's that girl

Hey dolls!  So I finally broke out of my home workout routine and made it back to the gym Tuesday. A few monumental things happened for me.

1.  I took my first gym selfie.

2. I ordered a new workout tank from ABCreations in a 2XL and it FIT!!!! 

3. I kept looking at myself in the mirror as I did my lifting.  Now don't get me wrong it wasn't out of complete narcissism.  

I seriously kept looking at myself because I am getting to a point where I am starting to not recognize my body.  I kept thinking in my head is that really my body?.  Progress is happening people, it may not be as fast as I want but it is happening. Woohoo!

How are you doing on your current regimen?

P.S.  I am filming another vlog this weekend and will have it up on Monday so be sure to check back.



  1. Amanda! You are ROCKING that tank! Way to go! What awesome NSV's for sure!!!

  2. Hi Amanda! Found you from Katie's link-up; you are doing great!!

  3. Way to go getting back into your gym routine! I myself fell off the wagon a little and I'm getting back into a better routine! Awesome job!