Friday, March 28, 2014

Birthday Presents: Losing my Etsy Virginity and a Giveaway

So I did a really terrible job at telling Brent what I wanted for my birthday this year.  There was just not really anything out there I was dying for.  So while laying in bed one night I decided to browse Etsy for the 5849522 time.  I had looked around so many times but never ordered anything.  So I decided that I wanted to order my own birthday presents (I think Brent was glad he got a pass) and gave into my Etsy desires.  Here is what I Brent got for me.

Vintage dictionary art from Retro Book Art.  I love vintage things and this was right up my alley.  These were buy 2 get 1 free.  (This is the free one I got for Brent, here)

Wooden monogram from League of Letters.  I plan on putting this above our bed, I just can't figure out what color to paint it!

Have you ever hear of  They have all kinds of boutiques that list their items for a fraction of the price.  I got these items form there.

Navy chevron purse from Tinley Laityn.  I paid less than half price for this, including shipping.

Initial 2 tone necklace from the Silver Loft.  This is an Etsy shop but I found them on Jane.  I just got this necklace and cannot wait to wear it.  I got an M on it because I think it is super cute to wear your kids initials on jewelry.

So why am I telling you about all these cute things.  It is because I am giving you a chance to win a $25 Etsy gift card from me.  You can enter the giveaway below and can choose how you want to follow me.  The giveaway ends Monday night, I will announce the winner and email them their gift card on Tuesday 4/1.

Have you ever purchased from Etsy?  What was your most favorite purchase? a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: All of these items I found on my own and purchased with my hard earned money. Not getting paid for this, I am just sharing some cute stuff I found.

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