Monday, August 11, 2014

My Kim Kardashian Ugly Cry

This weekend was tax free weekend in Texas, so we went shopping to buy Madelynn some school clothes (Lord help me, I am not ready for her to be a Kindergartner).  Since every one was having good sales I figured I would pop on into the Lane Bryant outlet.

I get all of my possibilities into the dressing room and start trying them on.  Before we go any further I need to note that I grabbed a myriad of sizes truly expecting most to either be too big or too small.  Moving on, I found these size 22 slacks and thought, why the hell not?.  

I stared at them as I put them on thinking I am not even going to be able to get these suckers past my hips.  WRONG!  I got them on and buttoned and I didn't even have to suck it in!  I was pretty stoked.  When I walked out to show them to Brent, I lost it.

I cried because I have not been in a size 22 since 2004. Poor Brent and Madelynn were semi-freaking out because they thought I was upset but they were not tears of sorrow my friends.  They were tears full of joy and pride.

I am starting my week feeling full of power and confidence. I wish that for all of you and remember...