Friday, May 16, 2014

Positive Influence

Yesterday, I was way down in my feelings.  It was a combo of surfing the crimson wave, stress at work, not having exercised this week, you name it I was feeling it.  After hearing something about me that was untrue at work I was done for the day and it was only 9:30 a.m.  I was sitting at my desk fighting back tears and chatting on Google with Brent.  The conversation went like this...

I gained a few things from this exchange.

1. I am overly dramatic sometimes.
2. I have got to let go of what people say sometimes and not let it get to me.
3. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband.
4. Positive influence during a weight loss journey is critical. 

He could have simply said blown off the fact that I was going to eat myself into oblivion and then wallow in self-hate later but he didn't.  He knew that in that moment I needed someone to knock some sense into me and he kept me on the right path.  

I went to lunch and slightly indulged in something less healthy (I had bacon and cheese on my grilled chicken). I didn't plow through my food and I ate like a civilized person.  I stopped when I was full and left without the guilt and the need to unbutton my pants.  

Whatever type of journey you are on surround yourself with people that will positively influence you to stay your course.  It really makes all the difference.  

Who are positive influences for you?


  1. Aww excellent words of wisdom there! Hope today is better for you!

  2. Your husband is amazing! How awesome of him to be so supportive! You are right, he could've said "F" it--eat a chili cheeseburger and large fries and down it with a milkshake! We will only be successful if the closest ones to us support us!!